What's In My Bag

What’s In My Bag: Frends “Layla” Headphones

Over the course of your phonic life, you may have asked yourself any number of headphone-driven questions, like: Do I need… read more »

What’s In My Bag: October Beauty Edition

When fall comes around, I want to wear wool, socks, oils, and lotions. Those things may sound like they don’t… read more »

What’s In My Bag: Coola Sunscreen

True story: I used to go to tanning beds in High School. Uuuuuuggggggghhhhh!  I was such a class one idiot…. read more »

Days In

Four Days in Blue Mountain, Ontario

This post should have the subtitle “What to Do in Canada When You Don’t Ski”. We went to Blue Mountain… read more »

Six Days in Placencia, Belize: What to Do

You can happily sit by the water and drink away your vacation in Belize. Eating is an activity that should… read more »

Six Days in Placencia, Belize: Where to Eat

What do I like to do on vacation? Read and eat. Yep, I’m a simple girl. But, I’ll tell you… read more »

The Latest Reviews

Pump Room in Chicago

I am home for Thanksgiving! Actually, to be more specific, I am near a collection of places where I have… read more »

Reef Restaurant in Houston, Texas

On a recent trip to business trip to Houston, I had a hankering to break free from my room service… read more »

The Blind Butcher in Dallas, Texas

Lower Greenville is a booming area of Dallas with some dirty sophistication and some clean hipster aspects. Fortunately for that crazy… read more »

Reading & Viewing

What’s In My Bag: January Recommended Reading

Do you have a reading resolution for your new year? My reading resolution (one of my ten resolutions this year–… read more »

December Giveaway: The Little Black Book of Holiday Cheer

Well, it is still technically December, so here is our December Giveaway! This month, we have a book of over… read more »

How to Pack a Linen Suit

 My Cute Hubby, Me, and the Ever-Challenging Linen Suit Linen is a fickle mistress. It seems like such an elegant… read more »