What's In My Bag

What’s In My Bag: June Beauty Edition

  1. Diptyque ‘Eau Rose’ Hand Cream, $28 I may have a wee little bit of a problem with excess… read more »

What’s In My Bag: Travel Snacks!

When I travel, I am basically preparing for an apocalyptic event. After I land, I go on a hunt for… read more »

What’s In My Bag: Packing for Las Vegas

Vegas is a difficult nut to crack from a dress perspective. There are really two different worlds going on there;… read more »

Days In

Three Days in Door County: The Eating

Lovely starches and meats at an Al Johnson’s breakfast. Yes, Door County is beautiful in all seasons. Yes, there are… read more »

Three Days in Door County: Where to Stay + What to Do

Oh Door County, you wondrous vacation spot from my childhood! Not visiting in years, I recently had a chance to… read more »

A Night on the Other Side of The Strip in Las Vegas

 I am a woman with very clear preferences. I know which side my bread is buttered… wait, that isn’t what… read more »

The Latest Reviews

Breakfast Series: The Doughnut Vault in Chicago

The Enticing Entry In planning and talking about my adventure to The Doughnut Vault, I got warned the night before… read more »

Redmoon Theater in Chicago

Oh, the costumes and the dance numbers! Only three times does Shakespeare give stage direction other than “stage left”– and… read more »

Deli Series: Caplansky’s Deli in Toronto

A bright sign of things to come.  When I travel, there are a few things I seek out intentionally: a… read more »

Reading & Viewing

How to Pack a Linen Suit

 My Cute Hubby, Me, and the Ever-Challenging Linen Suit Linen is a fickle mistress. It seems like such an elegant… read more »

Photo Essay: The Neon Museum in Las Vegas (Unfiltered)

Although I have been to Las Vegas a dozen times, I have rarely strayed from the chaos of The Strip…. read more »

March Giveaway: Everlane Tote

  It is March! It’s my birthday month, but you should get a little something… For the giveaway this month,… read more »